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ourdigitalatmdotcom came about behind the concept to monetize the most valuable, fully untapped & underutilized “digital real estate”(arguably) who’s market/market potential/penetration & saturation integration will/to immediately transform any text, email, messenger, DM(digital communication via separate “logins”)sent into a “digital billboard”(of sorts)via monetization of

“digital signature marketing!”

Marketing strategies varies from influencer marketing through social media, Affiliate marketing referral platforms, “opt-in/opt-out” migration….

Boils down digitally to “join” has to be as easy, simple and flawless as (yazing dotcom join process)

I am confident in its potential once a strong email/social media campaign is created it could deliver income.

When an order has been placed on the site, an app – Oberlo fully automates the ordering process, the details of the buyer are entered into aliexpress, it takes about 10 seconds to order the product with a few clicks, then the watch is sent from aliexpress supplier direct to buyer. It is very easy for complete beginners to do.

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